Casting Opportunities with
Vortexual Dreams Production

We are frequently working on a variety of projects that may need some actors or other talents.  If you have an interest in acting and are looking for an opportunity to gain some experience, we urge you to submit your information to us using the supplied form below.  While you may not hear from us immediately, be assured that we will contact you if you we have a need.  At that time we will ask you to send us additional information like photos and references if needed.
Current Talent Need
We are currently seeking actors to work on an upcoming independent film series called The Shadow Vision Journals.  This project will involve science fiction and horror related materials, but will be shot in a very tasteful manner.

If you are interested in applying, please visit our contact us page to provide some information and obtain additional methods for providing us with your portfolio.  You are also welcome to mail us your portfolio at:

Vortexual Dreams Production, Inc.
PO Box 534
Lutz, FL 33548